Small Yard Landscaping

Do you feel limited in your landscape design choices because your yard doesn’t have a lot of space?  Don’t worry – small yards can be stunning with the right landscape design!  When it comes to small yard landscaping, Deep South Landscaping & Maintenance can create a spectacular space that is customized to fit your family’s lifestyle and design preferences.

Small Yard Landscaping Basics

Ready to start your small yard landscaping project in the Pensacola area?  There are several pointers to keep in mind, and our professional landscape designers can help.

Since there is not a whole lot of room to begin with, visual touches that don’t need excessive amounts of space – such as plants, a small illuminated walkway or little pond or waterfall – will  bring your yard to life.  Small yard landscaping relies on the right colors and use of space to create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

You should also begin with (and then maintain!) a focal point that naturally draws the eye without being overwhelming.  After all, your space isn’t large, and having a focal point that sticks out – rather than standing out while blending in with the rest of the landscape design – will give your yard the wrong look.

This focal point should be slightly different than the rest of the yard design in form, function and color, and in landscape design for small yards, it’s perfectly fine to have a small focal point!  Whether it’s a little statue or hanging plant arrangement, your focal point will help make your yard unique.

It’s also important to build verticallynot horizontally!  So yes, you can still have a garden, and though it may not be large, it will still be beautiful – you just need to use the right colors and build up, not out.  One idea is using raised flower beds, and depending on the style of your home, you can get creative with this, using stones, bricks or another material in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ideas for Small Yard Landscape Design

If you’re ready to begin your small yard landscape design project, there are a number of different ideas to consider.  The last thing you should feel is limited in your landscaping ideas!

Raised flower beds, as mentioned, expand the space vertically, adding beauty and a unique touch to your small yard without taking up a tremendous amount of space.  They also add visual interest and a unique touch to your yard as they can be any shape or size you want.

Do you like soft colors like blue and green?  You’re in luck!  In small yard landscaping, shades of blue and green can make your yard look and feel larger.  Use blue and green flowers and plants and shrubbery that will complement your yard and help make the space appear larger!

Opt for a water feature – it serves as a great focal point in your small yard landscaping design and is an easy way to build vertically!  Even if it’s just a small green or blue bird bath or fountain, it adds elegance and individuality to your yard.  Small ponds, waterfalls, fountains and bird baths are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one you love that seamlessly fits into the style of your yard.

Incorporate curves and interesting shapes to bring your yard to life.  Particularly in small yard landscaping, “movement” is crucial in adding visual interest, and giving your yard “texture.”  Subtle, longer curves give an illusion of movement (raised flower beds, patio design, statue, etc.) and make your yard look truly beautiful.

No matter what shape your small yard is, we can help you achieve the exact look you want – down to the finishing touches!  Don’t feel limited in your landscape choices – there is plenty to work with and a multitude of steps you can take to create the perfect small yard landscaping design.